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PAN Forum

The PAN Forum is a site for places and people to gather for exchange. The “places” we're thinking of are art residencies that have either been inspired by the ongoing experiment of the Performing Arts Forum in St. Erme, France, or are in accord with its way of operating: a (mostly) self-organized entity that provides space and facilities for artists to stay and practice their arts; it is not for profit and depends on the collective effort of the artists to maintain its daily functions. This network's focus on self reliance seeks to develop methods for each place to reduce its running expenses, and thus hopefully reduce the entire community's expenses.

A residence can first announce itself with a description: geographical location, physical characteristics of buildings, interests in specific fields (e.g. focus on dance or writing), name who keeps the place functioning, etc..

Then there is a space for the residence to list both the needs artists can help fulfill, and the resources it offers in exchange (e.g. a place might need either money, or labor, and offers living/studio space in exchange). There is also a space for the residence to list their temporary and ongoing projects, both practical and artistic.

The other side of the Forum is where artists introduce themselves, listing their needs and resources (e.g. needing a space to live/work, offering labor or money in exchange).

the directory makes it possible for people to find places, places to find people, and also for people to find each other if they want to organize outside of these places.

There is no standard of value for exchanges, everyone can determine their own conditions; perhaps certain reasonable standards will naturally arise, everything remains negotiable. PAF has its own economy; due to the expense of running it, it needs money above all; other places may need less money, but may need more work. It is good that each place has its own character and varied interests; this network is not to be a way of franchising PAF ideology.

the Thinking Together section is a space for expanding on ideas mentioned in other parts of the site (such as Self Reliance), sharing knowledge on how to create or organize residencies or events, and all the many many many things that people are perpetually pleased to pontificate upon)

the discussion space is less formal, better suited for questions and thoughts or arrrangements for events or whatever

there is also a section for announcements: upcoming events, pressing needs, etc.

did you read this whole page? we also think it would be good to have an annual meeting at PAF of people who run these places

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