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To be informed (by e-mail) of announcements, contributions, and of any changes on the pages of this wiki, you need to “Log In” and subscribe to the pages of your choice. You will receive an email notification for each new contributions (events, announcement, discussion…). You can easily subscribe and unsubscribe at any time on the pages of your choice.

To do so, you must register as a “site user” and click on the “Register” button at the top of this page. After receiving your password by email (you can change after this crazy password with “Update Profile”) then click on the “Log In” button , here paste your login and crazy password. You are now PAN-FORUM WIKI USER ! (don't forget to change the password now or after).

Now, you can subscribe to the pages of your choice by clicking on the “Subscription” button to the right of the chosen page (envelope)→.

To avoid receiving too many e-mails we advise you to register only on the EVENTS page. If you want to participate actively (temporarily or continuously) in the discussion_space, we advise you to also register on this page. If you are a PAN-FORUM FAN select the star when you subscribe (with the letter on the right ;)

As a user you can also write in the THINKING TOGETHER page (if you are Log In). To write on the other pages if necessary, send an e-mail to Dominique in the PAN-FORUM contacts.

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